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How to Save Money When You Have No Money in 2022

Piggy Bank / Pexels It's hard to live on $0 a month, but it's not impossible. There are a few ways to save money when you have no money. There are a lot of small things that you can do to save money when you have no money. You don't have to deprive yourself of everything. You just have to be a little bit smarter about how you spend your money. One way to save money is to cook at home instead of eating out. Eating out is expensive, and it's not always healthy. Cooking at home is cheaper and it allows you to control what you're eating. Another way to save money is to shop around for better deals. Don't just buy the first thing that you see. Shop around and compare prices. Another way to save money is to shop around for better deals. Don't just buy the first thing that you see. Shop around and compare prices. Money / Pexels Being broke is never fun, but it doesn't have to be a total disaster. There are plenty of ways to save money when you have no money,
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Tax Preparation Checklist 2022

  As you may know Tax season is near by and I didn't prepaired for tax, like you. But If we tell it that we have free checklist for tax preparation. You can download for free (Down below). You would think that someone loves being orginized and  have her tax in a row? But no, not for me. One thing as I know for sure, it doesn't matter whether I do taxes myself, or I trust for a professional. I always forget to get right documents, and I forget something. This is why this check list has been a lifesaver. Instead of forgetting what I need to hand off to my CPA every year, I just check off each item and file the papers in a specific tax for that year and it's done. I made a resource like this might be helpful to you as well, so grab Tax Preparation Checklist 2022 now, and don't forget to get checklist done!

How to buy bitcoin with debit card at 2022

Pexels Buying Bitcoin became easier in the past few years, but if you new in crypto, you won't know how to buy bitcoin expecially with debit card. So today, I'll show you how to buy bitcoin with debit card at 2022. What Platform should I use to buy bitcoin? Coinbase is   of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the World. If you use my link ( click here ) You will get 8.82 euros worth of bitcoin for free. What requiments should I have before registering to coinbase? First of all you have to be an 18 years old or older for registering to coinbase. Then you have to get an goverment issued photo ID. As coinbase say : Accepted identity document is Driver License or Identification ID. Check the unaccepted ID's here. Pexels How to buy bitcoin with debit card? If you got coinbase account already, then get into the app. The following steps will get you started: When logged into your account, go to the  payment methods page . Click "Add a Credit

How to make a lot of money as a teenager

Pixabay Can you imagine if we could work 10 hours a week and make a lot of money from it? Do you think it is possible to make this dream comes true? It may sound impossible but Markus Frind has done it. Who is Markus Frind? He was a college student in Vancouver, British Columbia, who created an online dating site named The Plenty of Fish (POF). Markus started the site purely by intention of learning a programming language. He thought it could be better if he learned it by building a website with a database type which used the programming language. He chose to construct a dating site run by a simple interface program. His POF now becomes popular in Canada, United Kingdom, and also in the United States. Markus brilliantly utilizes the enormous amounts of his site's traffic to place Google AdSense and other ads and gets well paid from it. Markus now enjoys Google AdSense earning which can reach millions only by working 10 hours a week! Ashley Qualls is another example of a success s

How to Save Money on Traveling

Pixabay Some people think that only rich people can travel, but that's not true. Here's how to save money on Traveling. - Adjust Your Times for flying When you are flying at unpopular hours such as the red-eye or early in the AM. It will increase your chance of getting discounted flights. - Stay More Than 1 Night Many hotels, hostels, and other apartments provide the best deals when you stay over for more than one night. If you want to find these deals check:   - Use Coupons Do your research to find travel discounts and coupons for the areas you are visiting. Visit the local tourist information offices for free maps and ideas. Use the following: - Back of supermarket receipts. - Websites (for local tourist boards and business and coupon sites). - Tourist booklets and brochures. - Do a Home Exchange The home exchange strategy is possibly best for families or retired people who are looking to base themselves in another country or state for an

5 Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Groceries can be expensive, especially for the family. Here are 5 best ways to save money on groceries. Pixabay Sign Up for the loyalty program.    By signing up you can get member-only discounts for the groceries that will automatically deduct in the checkout. Signing up for the most marketplaces is free.  Clip coupons Sometimes, when you buying with loyalty program, you can get after checkout the check with a coupon and you can cut out next time when shopping. Sometimes you can download the app where you can get a coupon digitally. Go in with a list and stick to it When you are in the supermarket and without a list you can easily grab things that aren't needed. The next time when you go to the market, make a list for most needed things. Also, sometimes when kids comes along with empty stomach it's hard to stick to the list. The easiest thing is eat first or leave kids at the home to avoid it. Buy items for sale There's some items where it's on s