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How to buy bitcoin with debit card at 2022

Pexels Buying Bitcoin became easier in the past few years, but if you new in crypto, you won't know how to buy bitcoin expecially with debit card. So today, I'll show you how to buy bitcoin with debit card at 2022. What Platform should I use to buy bitcoin? Coinbase is   of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the World. If you use my link ( click here ) You will get 8.82 euros worth of bitcoin for free. What requiments should I have before registering to coinbase? First of all you have to be an 18 years old or older for registering to coinbase. Then you have to get an goverment issued photo ID. As coinbase say : Accepted identity document is Driver License or Identification ID. Check the unaccepted ID's here. Pexels How to buy bitcoin with debit card? If you got coinbase account already, then get into the app. The following steps will get you started: When logged into your account, go to the  payment methods page . Click "Add a Credit